Conquering Cancer

Contact Conquering Cancer and take global action towards global cervical cancer elimination.

Conquering Cancer is a campaign for change, but a collective effort is needed to ensure it reaches the right people.
You don’t have to be a policymaker, health expert or advocate to lead the way towards a cervical cancer free future. You can get behind this monumental journey by following the campaign across social media, subscribing on YouTube and signing up to the newsletter. We also encourage you to share content with your friends, family and community. 

Contact the campaign today and help us introduce it to new audiences.

To take action and get behind this important mission, there are a few simple steps you and the people in your life can follow.

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“When we have all the weapons we need to fight it, failure should not be an option.”

– Dr Tedros, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2018