Conquering Cancer Producers

Meet the Creators of Conquering Cancer.  We’re looking forward to a cancer free world.

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Mike Hill

Producer and Creator of Conquering Cancer

Mike is a multi-award winning filmmaker and content creator.  He has dozens of hours of produced credits.  Subsequently, his passion is in crafting memorable screen stories that inspire change.

Mike’s passion for creating content and ensuring it reaches those who need to see it drives Mike in his daily practice.  So he aspires to produce Academy-standard documentaries, drama films, quality television, and virtual reality experiences.  And as a result, Mike seeks to create deep empathy, inspiring audiences to gently shake the world.

Therefore, working with like-minded collaborators worldwide to advance humanity through health, education, science, and social justice are the great joys of Mike’s work.  So Mike loves to work with entrepreneurs, activists, and innovators to create powerful content.  And as a result, shifts consciousness and moves audiences to action.

Also, Mike is a graduate of the prestigious Australian Film, Television and Radio School and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.  Finally, he founded Moonshine Agency in 2010.  Most importantly, he is inspired to build a creative social enterprise guided by his passion for making a positive impact. You can learn more about Mike Hill here.

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Sue Collins

Producer & Creator of Conquering Cancer 

Sue Collins is an multi-award winning producer, writer, researcher and content creator.  Her passion is in creating work that directly benefits others, a great example of this is her recent film Hippocratic: 18 Experiments in gently Shaking the World featuring 2018 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr MR Rajagopal. 

Sue is a graduate of the renowned Victorian College of the Arts which is where her interest in public education projects began.  Her past films have been acknowledged with a multitude of awards and her work has reached millions around the world, shaped government policy and led to the development of several important social initiatives, notably Take Heart– The Quest to rid Australasia of Rheumatic Heart Disease has grown from an Impact Film project aimed at educating health workers and Indigenous communities in Australia about how to prevent this deadly disease, to forming a civil society movement targeting the federal government to change policy and implement a prevention program. 

Sue has produced a number of impact films advocating for increased access to palliative care and pain relief medications globally, and more recently has shifted her attention to education and the world of tomorrow…  Sue is passionate about telling well-crafted stories that inspire audiences and move them to action: nobody changed the world by just thinking about it!

Sue has travelled extensively in her work, including to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Italy, Greece, the UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, the USA and Canada. Sue is a founding partner in Moonshine Agency.

Connect with Sue on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to know more about Sue’s work please click here

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Moonshine Agency

Mike Hill and Sue Collins founded Moonshine Agency with the vision to move humanity forward by influencing hearts and minds to think long term, learn, progress and evolve. If you’d like to learn more about Moonshine Agency and the work we undertake, please visit us here