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We’re impact filmmakers who harness the power of screen stories to create and share compelling global health narratives.  With a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact on society, our mission is to craft unforgettable films that strengthen movements and contribute to creating a better world.

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Did you know?

Cervical Cancer

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  • Cervical cancer is the first cancer that can be eliminated in human history
  • Through the elimination of cervical cancer, it’s estimated that the lives of 62million women will be saved
  • The HPV vaccine is the world’s first anticancer vaccine

Skin Cancer

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  • Skin cancer is the world’s most common cancer
  • Currently one person dies of skin cancer every 4 minutes
  • Almost all forms of skin cancer are preventable

Breast Cancer

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  • Breast cancer is the most prevelant cancer in women globally
  • In 2020 there were 2.3million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685,000 deaths globally.
  • Public education, early diagnosis, effective treatments and access to services are the key to improving these statistics.

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The Conquering Cancer Film Series

Conquering Cervical Cancer

Conquering Cervical Cancer

The first film in the series raises awareness of vaccination, screening and treatment in the global fight against cervical cancer.

Conquering Skin Cancer Cate Campbell Moonshine Agency

Conquering Skin Cancer

Our newest film is on skin cancer, the world's most common and preventable cancer. Despite being preventable, one person dies every 4 minutes.

Conquering Breast Cancer

Conquering Breast Cancer

Join us in the global push to reduce breast cancer.  Through health promotion and early detection, timely diagnosis and treatment...

How Our Films Are Different

Moonshine Agency is an impact film production house sharing global stories. Our mission is to create unforgettable films that strengthen important social movements and make the world a better place.

Since 2010, we've worked hard to become highly specialised in impact filmmaking, including all areas of the production process – from ideation and campaign development through to communication strategy, outreach and distribution.

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We craft beautiful, high-impact films and support their distribution to make sure they reach their intended audiences.

We have been behind more than 1000 impact films, including 10 feature films, and our work has been recognised worldwide, including with over 100 awards.

The Moonshine Agency team is driven by a shared mission: to create impact through the content we craft. We are committed to delivering exceptional experiences for the partners we work with.

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Why We Focus On Cancer

Part of our company mission is to make the world a better place. When we learned that one in three cancers can be prevented, we knew we could use our filmmaking skills for good.

Fueled with the knowledge that there are positive cancer stories to be told, we’ve set our sights on generating hope. And there is hope, take the example of cervical cancer which is set to be the first cancer to be eliminated in human history.  That is a good story.

But it’s not all smooth sailing.  Many barriers must be overcome to make this possible.  Moonshine Agency has created the Conquering Cancer Campaign as a compelling social impact initiative that applauds worldwide efforts to eradicate cancer. Despite being the primary global cause of death, this disease is not invincible, and we are determined to alter its course.

Through impactful storytelling, Moonshine Agency is weaving narratives that tug at the heartstrings, inspiring transformative experiences and propelling us towards a world liberated from cancer’s grasp. Stand with us in this crucial movement for change. Join the cause now!