Conquering Breast Cancer

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Coming in Autumn 2025

Understanding the Challenge

Women Ribbon Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer

Women Diagnosed Breast Cancer

2.3 million women were diagnosed in 2020

Women Survive Breast Cancer

7.8 million women have survived breast cancer in the last 5 years

Reduce Breast Cancer

By 2040, the WHO’s  aim is to reduce breast cancer by 2.5%

Hope Fot Breast Cancer

Fostering Hope For Breast Cancer

Conquering Breast Cancer highlights the global effort to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer.  It’s an ambitious aim to reduce the prevalence of breast cancer for women worldwide. We don’t yet have a vaccine like the HPV vaccine which prevents cervical cancer.  But we know that early detection is the key to positive outcomes.  And in countries like Australia and the USA there is now a 90% 5-year survival rate.

Alarmingly though, the burden of breast cancer is projected to exceed 3 million new cases and 1 million deaths annually by 2040.  In low and middle-income countries, 50% - 80% of cases are diagnosed at an advanced, often incurable stage.   Public education, early diagnosis and effective treatments are the key to reducing these rates.

Why It Matters

Women play vital roles in every facet of society. Breast cancer's indiscriminate nature underscores the necessity of universal access to prevention, screening, and treatment. Our film helps bring awareness to breast cancer and advocates for early detection and better access to treatment.

Wht It Matters Breast Cancer Film

Watch the Film

Embark on a journey exploring what is personal risk? This includes genetic risk factors and prevention options. For women at high risk, discover actionable steps.

Learn about the reality of living with advanced breast cancer and discover more about advancements in targeted therapies that are improving patient outcomes. And last but not least, join the global movement to reduce the burden of breast cancer for everyone.

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