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Conquering Cancer screens in Nairobi, Kenya on June 25 2022 to an audience of 150+ at Anga Imax, Diamond Plaza.

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Producer and Presenter of Conquering Cancer, Sue Collins, told Tonic Magazine, “Eliminating cervical cancer is one of the most extraordinary health stories of our time.” 

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Queensland Scientists

Cervical cancer will soon be put in the history books thanks to two Queensland-based scientists who developed the HPV vaccine. House of Wellness chats to one of the men behind the game-changing vaccine and producer and presenter of Conquering Cancer, Sue Collins, who’s sharing their story with the world. 

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Cc Media 0004 Kirsty Brown

Kirsty Browne, a cervical cancer survivor whose story is featured in Conquering Cancer, shares her experience with a rare type of the disease with the team at Yahoo! Lifestyle.

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Cc Media 0007 Ecancer

Conquering Cancer, a global communications initiative that is showing the world that cervical cancer elimination is achievable everywhere, is being launched on March 26th 2021.

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Cc Media 0008 Trio

The University of Queensland’s Professor Frazer co-developed the life-saving cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, with his UQ colleague, the late Dr Jian Zhou. He is also one of the executive producers of Conquering Cancer.

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Cc Media 0003 Filmmaker Sue Collins

From her exchanges with survivors to global health experts in the film Conquering Cancer, Sue Collins shows just how far we’ve come and how far we have to go in order to win the fight against this preventable disease.

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Cc Media 0005 Sue Collins

Filmmaker Sue Collins chats to HEAVY Cinema about Conquering Cancer and Australia’s push to stamp out cervical cancer

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Cc Media 0001 Conquering Cancer

Reviews by Judith discusses the feature documentary Conquering Cancer 

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Cc Media 0002 Hpv Self Collection

HealthCare Global looks at HPV self collection in Australia and beyond with the Conquering Cancer team

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Cc Media 0009 Media

Sue Collins talks education and elimination in Conquering Cancer with Inside Film Magazine

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From the purpose of pigment, to the mechanisms of melanocytes- Professor Richard Scolyer AO gave us the full rundown of what’s really happening when we get a tan.  And unfortunately, it’s not as glamorous as it seems...☀️


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Cervical screening is one of the most effective ways to prevent cervical cancer, or at least to catch it early on. 🧡

Recent changes made to the National Cervical Screening Program by the Australian Government have also made it much more effective for all women in Australia- and is now expected to reduce cervical cancer rates and deaths by at least another 20%.

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Source: Cancer Council Australia, and Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

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Professor Long and Professor Scolyer’s trailblazing work in immunotherapy has already saved thousands of lives- and with an unwavering commitment to developing similarly revolutionary treatments, it’s clear why they were shoe-ins for Australian of the Year. 🇦🇺

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#skincancer #cancer #cancertreatment #skincancerawareness #ConqueringSkinCancer #AustralianoftheYear #melanoma #cancercommunity #community #education #cancersurvivor #immunotherapy #cancerawareness #cancerresearch

Introducing Prof. Long and Prof. Scolyer, the dynamic Aussie duo whose groundbreaking research has completely changed the game for skin cancer treatment! 

Our fascinating chat with them was a very fitting way to kick off our series of inspirational ‘Conquering Skin Cancer’ stories. Sign up for our newsletter (link in bio!) and drop us a follow to see the full conversation, coming 🔜.

@profglong @profrscolyer 

Sadly, a woman dies somewhere in the world from cervical cancer every two minutes. Even more devastatingly- this cancer is completely preventable. 

Conquering cervical cancer is possible, if we work together. 

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Cervical cancer has been a big focus for us over the past couple of years. And it got us thinking 🤔 if one cancer can be eliminated, what does that mean for other cancers? So we started exploring other cancers that could be prevented or eliminated, and that led us to skin cancer - another hopeful story.

Then we got busy building our new website to talk about all the Conquering Cancer films.  Check it out and join us to imagine a world without cancer. 

Want to view some amazing stories? Check out the link in our bio 🔗 

A positive response from Dr. Ernest Hawk (Head of Cancer Prevention and Control at MD Anderson Cancer Centre) on the USA edition of Conquering Cervical Cancer 🇺🇸

"Conquering Cervical Cancer tells the exciting story of what I consider to be one of if not the, greatest example of translational progress against cancer to date. Over just the last century, science has transformed cervical cancer from one of the most highly prevalent, morbid, and fatal cancers, to a cancer that promises to be eliminated within our lifetimes"

We were thrilled to have Dr Hawk's feedback after watching the film. Have you watched the trailer of Conquering Cervical Cancer (USA Edition)? If not, check out the link in our bio 🔗


Can you imagine a world without cancer? 

You may not know this but Australia has one of the world's highest skin cancer rates, with approx. 2000 people dying from the disease each year (melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer combined). 

Here's the interesting thing - most skin cancers are preventable through appropriate protection from ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

The fight for cancer prevention and elimination continues! 🔬

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(Source: Cancer Council)

Eve McDavid is a Cervical Cancer survivor and advocate, and the Conquering Cancer team had the pleasure of filming with her last April.  We were so happy that Eve was able to host a screening of Conquering Cervical Cancer (USA Edition), afterwards she told us:

"Thank you for seeing the value in Dr Balogun & my stories and featuring us in your incredible film. Conquering Cancer will be in the history books when we look back on the reasons how and why Elimination happened. Thank you for this important artistic and scientific contribution to the world” 

Thanks, Eve, we're so glad you could be part of this project 😊

Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter so you can join the movement for a cancer-free world.  Link in bio

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