Conquering Skin Cancer: For every body under the sun

Skin cancer is the world's most common form of cancer and claims a life every 4 minutes. But it's also preventable.

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Understanding the Challenge

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Skin cancer claims a life every 4 minutes

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In Australia and New Zealand, one in 20 men and one in 30 women develop melanoma

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By 2040, there will be 510,000 new cases and 96,000 deaths

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Australia alone spends $1.7 billion annually on skin cancer treatment

Fostering Hope for Skin Cancer

Conquering Skin Cancer showcases the preventable nature of this disease. The solution lies in long-term investment in national prevention programs, emphasising public awareness, regular self-examination, screening, early detection, and treatment. A coordinated effort is crucial to mobilise public and political support, empowering governments to prioritise action. Together, we can combat the rising skin cancer rates, saving lives and reducing its impact worldwide.

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Why It Matters

Skin cancer rates continue to rise around the world - many of these can be attributed to intentional UV exposure. Increasing awareness and robust prevention measures offer effective ways to reduce the toll of skin cancer deaths. Our film aims to inspire our audiences to take up prevention measures and learn how to be part of the solution to end preventable skin cancers.

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Uncover touching narratives surrounding the world's most prevalent and preventable cancer. With skin cancer claiming a life every 4 minutes, this  film explores the global urgency for awareness and prevention, providing insights crucial for saving lives.

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