Global Battle Against Cervical Cancer

The Global Battle Against Cervical Cancer

Every 60 seconds, someone’s mom, wife, sister, aunt or daughter is diagnosed with cervical cancer.

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Working Together To End Cervical Cancer

Ending Cervical Cancer, TogetHER

TogetHER for Health is working with global partners to end cervical cancer for all women.

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Cervical Cancer Indonesia

Seeking to understand and improve Indonesia’s cervical cancer response

It’s estimated that 50 Indonesian women lose their lives to cervical cancer every day.

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Cervical Cancer Malawi 3

A commitment from women is helping to eliminate cervical cancer in Malawi

A staggering 2,000 women are likely to die from cervical cancer in Malawi each year.

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Cervical Cancer Free Future 2

Leading the Way to a Cervical Cancer Free Future

Technology and innovation are vital for turning the unthinkable into a possibility and achieving a cervical cancer free future. 

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Stop Cervical Cancer Conquering Cancer Campaign

Stopping cervical cancer from killing 9 Kenyan women each day

The STOP cervical cancer initiative is arming Kenyan women with the right information and resources to prevent cervical cancer.

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Conquering Cervical Cancer The Early Days In Australia David Hill Main

Conquering cervical cancer: the early days in Australia.

One way and another, I have spent a long time in a field we used to call “public education about cancer”.

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Karen Canfell Elimination Strategy

Strategy to save 62 million lives world-wide

In some of the poorest countries in the world, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death, but it is preventable.

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Kirsty Browne Blog 1

Cervical cancer survivor: Kirsty Browne

My world turned inside out overnight when I was 26 and my doctor told me I had a rare type of cervical cancer.

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University Of Queensland Archives Conquering Cancer Prof Ian Frazer Blog Cervical Cancer Elimination

Clinical trials in Australia and the HPV vaccine

Every year, Australian children are immunised against the human papillomavirus that causes most cervical cancers.

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Nanthini Cervical Cancer Malaysia Conquering Cancer

Cervical cancer survivor: Nanthini Tanabal

570,000 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every year. In 2018, 31 year old Nanthini Tanabal was one of them.

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Rose Foundation Malaysia Conquering Cancer Cervical Cancer Elimination

Fear the pap smear? Self- sampling gives Malaysian women control

A collaboration between the University of Malaya and the VCS Foundation is reducing stress around cervical screening in Malaysia.

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